Our Mission

Our mission at Base Camp is to encourage and equip our community to engage more consciously with nature - we believe we can accomplish this by following these four paths, which we consider our foundational cornerstones: Adventure, Community Education, and Sustainability.

Whether you’re ready to traverse the Grand Canyon or hope to identify a bird friend on your porch, we encourage you to identify your next outdoor adventure and Go After It.
When we come together, we can dream bigger, grow stronger, and go further. At Base Camp, you can find people and organizations that are looking for adventure, just like you.
Equip yourself with knowledge, guidance, tips and tricks for your journey. Our plan is to offer multiple resources to support your next steps. We believe learning and understanding can help you navigate new or unknown areas and appreciate where you’ve been and how far you’ve come.
Base Camp is committed to safeguarding nature for ourselves and future generations and believe intentionality is key. While we know nothing is perfect, we aim to partner with companies taking steps toward being better caretakers of our planet, and will walk along with them, and hope to bring others along with us.

Base Camp Events

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